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body parts The Human Body Book (Second Edition) Buy Brand the elements of the human body When he arranged me difficult, which I thought that I would give out people I had been talking with a pal yesterday. Most of us possess we and a body all know the brands of the areas of the body, but just how many diverse titles are you aware for every part of the body? Ears = lugs where I originate from. This got me to thinking, hubpages has a world-wide audience and in every place of the planet people utilize different labels for different body parts, between us we could create an extensive listing of enjoyment and humorous labels for that parts of your body, in case you keep a comment below please incorporate wherever in the world you’re from and please avoid using maintain/cuss phrases for Personal parts. I’ve produce a couple of titles for body parts working along and beginning with the top, I’m certain you folks available may think about a couple of more. BRAIN = bonce, enthusiast, noggin,, head that is heid. EYES glasses, een. NOSE = neb, nose, beak, snouzer, bank that is snot, snifter. MOUTH chin flapper, mooth.

I claimed for better for worse…

CHEST = boobs, breasts, breast, dumplings, melons, coconuts, udders, EMDS (Show milk distribution service). Guts, tUMMY = tummy, abs, RECTUM bottom, opening, chocolate factory, waist, fanny. MANHOOD = prick, dick, chicken, one-eyed pen, snake, dipstick pecker pocket rocket. Pencil sharpener, vAGINA blossom tunnel of love mitt clam, hotdog bun, pussy, top base. THIGHS = hooks, pegs, (I possibly couldnot consider anymore) LEGS = discs of beef, cheese designers, (I possibly couldn’t consider any longer) I’m certain you people could execute a lot much better than used to do together with the concern; allows hope the listing increases and grows have some fun, but please try and keep it clean. You are able to enable by ranking this short article up the HubPages area highlight high quality information. Useful34 – Funny 30 – 15 – Beautiful 21 – Interesting9 Follow (1)Remarks 25 comments Head to review that is last livelonger7 years ago from San Francisco I could only add a few: HEAD: egg, NOSE: schnozz, CHEST: jugs, RECTUM: crack, MANHOOD: dong, VAGINA: peesh (spelling?), LEGS: gams (females only), FEET: boats jimmythejock7 years back from Scotland Heart Writer Thanks livelonger, some improvements that are great…jimmy Suzy7 years back What about tallywhacker, jackson or schlong? ashley7 years ago I love claws can you come to e-mail and my home one to me jess6 years back Well i love research its a superb issue for folks to understand im at faculty but nealy finished i love it and i adore most of the academics xxxx kweef196 years ago For penis I’ve got cap and vegetable case, for brain I’ve dicky-do, skin rocket, the secret beanstalk of jack…for torso I’ve rocks of love as well as for legs I have stems sandra6 years ago You’ve questions that are good Mishra fanishwarnath It is a very good selection for childrens in their reports anon5 years ago Heyy science is the greatest matter actually!!! =] xx Farah Technology is a very good matter.

These skills could sail any enrollee could change that is distinctive and whatsoever rendering.

It reveals us every areas of aves, animals nd the like……… I m in amount bt still luv this subject nd i knw the everyday life regime menopausin5 years ago As guys declare here, " I gotta go strain my "lizard". ryan5 years back for manhood also incorporate "third calf" Kerrion It a goodthing to no about additional word for penis incorporate stinger Dev4 years back Pleasant to get many other terms with meaning which gives to interact with sexual loveakeel3 years ago its hard Pbo Cooterkat3 years ago What will the man Apple be called by you? Sami Khan3 years back I’ve of realizing every and each parts of human anatomy a curosity. if you have facts regarding this e.mail me. Mumma Lady element: Whooha eater, kitty, grab, purr purr, meowth, vag jj, cooter tamer, twat, punani, pooter foo foo, fi-fi, koochie Person element: minime, spitting lizard, peepee, boom stay, rooster, philip lollipop, Rectum: dark hole, apple that is anal, The popper, regurgitating black-hole of doom, storage that is substitute Result device, Leather Do-nut, Oh toothless one,coon band, track tweeter, gasoline turbine, Bung hole, waist hoop, butt circle, Stink eye, Eclipse, Anal pore, fart valve, fudge canal, corn hole, stinker, oneeyed port, Dookie hole, Dookie door, Crisis exit, The big bopper, Bottom rose or marijuana flower, taint, sphincter, And Plan B Girl/Guys chest: guy titties, bust, TA-TAS, tee tops, locations, brain lights, spot lights, pumpkins, kitty titties sand bags, utters station, sacks that are fat Brain: air balloon, melon, noodle, sonu3 years back It’s a truly site that is knowledgeable Unknown2 years ago nose:nogin Brain-pineapple Krishna years back Is funny and great also for me since I really don’t learn abouth that this was known by me and thank you for this Vivi14 weeks ago Noose Johnk58213 weeks ago Some factors that were respectable were produced by you there. I searched online to the challenge and identified many individuals goes along with along with your web sitecabgkgbadb Pharma613 months ago Excellent website! divina11 weeks ago I enjoy Register or sign up and article utilizing a HubPages account. Opinion that is 8192 characters left.Post URLs will be hyperlinked, although no HTML is permitted in remarks. For advertising other sites or your Hubs remarks are not.

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